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Being a Villa fan in Kent can be a lonely experience sometimes,  whether it be sat in a pub watching a game on our own, or just needing someone with Claret & Blue blood to share the highs and lows with. With this in mind a group of us have set up The Kent Aston Villa Supporters Club

Kent Lions club Aims and Philosophy 
    • To have some fun with fellow Villa fans
    • To introduce and connect Villa fans in the Kent area to other liked minded Villa fans
    • Arrange to meet with Villa fans locally to watch televised games together
    • Share transport to games with other Villa fans if we`re going
    •  Arrange transport to selected games from the Kent area
    • To obtain match tickets to home and away games from The Club
    • Form a Supporters Club that we can be proud of and that gains the respect of Aston Villa Football Club and other Villa fans alike
    • Have a Supporters Club that is recognised and respected locally by other fans and the community in general
    • Have representation at the regular AVSC meetings that are held with Aston Villa, to reflect the views and opinions of Kent based Villa fans
    • Actively encourage and increase membership of our club
    • Have a club where all members views are heard and respected